Hey! I’m Cherrie and I am currently a Ph.D. student in Sociology at Harvard University. My research interests include class, race, gender, housing, labor unions, and social policy. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between neoliberal public policies and racial, economic, and gender inequality, especially in a U.S. context. At Harvard, I study the causes and consequences of racial wealth and income inequality, housing, labor and social movements, crime and punishment, and alternatives to capitalism.

I am currently working on two projects. In the first project, I use longitudinal data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics to examine the racial wealth gap, extended family wealth, and the transition to homeownership. My second project analyzes the impact of right-to-work laws on the wages of Black union and non-union workers.

In addition to my research, I am also a proud member of the Harvard Graduate Students Union – UAW, working towards making Harvard a better place for all student workers.

Previously, I was a Research Associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC, where I conducted research on the labor market experiences of poor and minority workers as well as the benefits of union representation. I was also a contributor to the Girl w/ Pen blog at The Society Pages and managed the large microdata extracts at CEPRdata.org.

I’m originally from South Florida and lived in Philly, New York City, and DC before moving to Cambridge, MA for grad school.

I have a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with a concentration in Policy Analysis from American University. I also have a BA in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in Structures of Opportunity and Inequality.